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Special OfferASH

Currently on special offer!

European ash. Long slow growth in colder Eastern European areas bestows density and strength on these sticks.

Natural bark is greeny grey with with a selection of interesting bark patterning. Prominent knotting.
52" - 54" in length.

PREMIUM - very best available,show standard straightness and taper

STANDARD - good everyday stick, well balanced and very well straightened 23 - 26mm tops.

WORKING - well straightened but may have corrected doglegs or slight damage to bark. Perfectly useable for selling / working sticks

Ash premium: £5.50 each
Ash standard: £4.50 each
Ash working: £3.00 each



Currently on special offer!

Ever popular as plain thumbstick or stalking pole tops.

Fashioned from Black / grey - blue Water Buffalo Horn.

Short "stubby" bases that will shank out to 25 - 28mm and now with the added choice in Bone style capped prongs being available to give you that extra diversity in finished appearance.

Churchill top plain: £7.95 each
Churchill top plain ( 3 ) : £22.95 each
Churchill top plain ( 6 ) : £44.95 each
Churchill top plain ( 10 ) : £55.00 each
Churchill top plain ( 20 ) : £100.00 each
Churchill top plain : £7.95 each
Churchill top plain ( 3 ): £22.95 each
Churchill top plain ( 6 ): £44.95 each
Churchill top plain ( 10 ): £55.00 each
Churchill top plain ( 20 ): £100.00 each

Roe Antler

Special OfferRoe Antler

Currently on special offer!

Roebuck antlers.
(Click on image for more detailed view of typical stock )

We carry a huge , diverse stock of Roe antler.

Large - With very full "purled" figuring and branching, most suited to stick tops, should you require Roe for that purpose.

Medium - Again very well figured, a little smaller in overall proportion to the "large" variety, selected pieces still suitable for stick tops but best suited to Sgian Dubh and craft blade fittings ( cheese knives, letter openers, bottle openers, magnifier handles )

Smaller - For smaller craft blade, general craft use and Kilt pins.

Bulk and trade orders catered for with ease.....enquire with us please.

Large : £6.00 each
Roe Medium: £4.50 each
Roe Small: £2.50 each

Needle Rasp set

Special OfferNeedle Rasp set

Currently on special offer!


6 piece, super sharp, varied profiles, same grade of alloy as our Dreadnought file range.

Great for creating intricate detail in horn.

Supplied "carded" and with plastic handles pre fitted

Price: £6.50 each

Cabinet rasps

Special OfferCabinet rasps

Currently on special offer!

The half round for rough preparatory work and the round for sharp and rapid removal of material in the formation of turned out noses / inside lines. 10 inch round is particularly sharp and supplied in 2nd cut format

12 inch half round: £5.00 each
10 inch round: £3.50 each

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