High quality buffalo horn handles in a variety of traditional shapes and patterns. Supplied balanced, symmetrical and worked to the point that all that is further required is matching to a suitable shank, dressing and proportioning to finish the job. We can also make to pattern by request.

Buffalo Horn - Knobstick handles

Special OfferBuffalo Horn - Knobstick handles

Currently on special offer!

Nicely balanced, solid water buffalo handles in traditional Victorian patterns.

"ROUND HANDLE" - shown left
"PRINCE OF WALES" HANDLE - shown right

Ideal for lighter weight shafts, especially walking stick heights and will fit at 21 - 23mm. Most show striking graining and some with grey / green streaks evident on polishing to finish. Both may also be carved.
The "Round" handle provides a very solid grip where support from the stick is required.
The "Prince of Wales" grip is ideal for a more slender shaft and is more a decorative than supportive handle in use.

Round Knob Handle: £7.95 each
Round Knob Handle (3): £22.95 each
Round Knob Handle (5): £37.50 each
Prince of Wales Knob Handle: £7.95 each
Prince of Wales Knob Handle (3): £22.95 each
Prince of Wales Knob Handle (5): £37.50 each



Currently on special offer!

Wide prong handle supplied with two top surface Edinburgh Hallmarked finials. You will rebate the prong tops and fit the finials over the rebated portion. The sizing of the finials ensures a perfect smooth line in finish and they can easily be glued in place once you have achieved a good "push fit". Nice chunky finials giving an average of 14g solid silver per set. Prestige combination. Nothing "sets off" buffalo horn better than Sterling silver!!!

Price: £22.95 each



Currently on special offer!

Ideal catapult / rifle rest tops in carefully fashioned Water Buffalo horn. Sanded to a very satisfactory pre polish finish, very little further work required.

26 - 28mm on the base.

We offer a choice between plain buffalo horn or buffalo horn with bone style caps....something a little different and giving an interesting contrast in finishes depending on your own preference

Wide prong top: £7.95 each
Wide prong top / Bone style caps: £7.95 each

Buffalo Horn Crutch handle

Special OfferBuffalo Horn Crutch handle

Currently on special offer!

Perfectly balanced, finely sanded classical "crutch" type handle in Black / Blue / grey buffalo horn.

Ready to polish and fit to shaft 23mm or under. An excellent, supportive handle to go with our Turned Shafts ( 900mm variety ) and easily fitted with the aid of a Nickel Flange ring ( see Ferrules, Spacers, Collars & Fixings section ) which will give the all important Black / Silver contrast in finish!!

Price: £11.95 each



Currently on special offer!

Same as the shaped Standard market Handle but made from a larger, heavier horn giving a long "turnable" nose. Will make up into a nose out Market Handle / Crook with a little heating and shaping.
Some figured pieces ( occasionally!!! ) available showing greys and white up the heel and over the crown.
Plumb and balanced in proportion.
Heavier weights shank to 26mm+
Medium will typically shank to 23 - 25mm.
Lighter pieces available....suitable for ladies weight sticks ( typically 20/22mm on base).

Long Nose market handle Heavier: £22.95 each
Long Nose Market Handle Medium : £21.95 each
Long Nose Market Handle lt wt: £17.95 each

Catapult type top

Special OfferCatapult type top

Currently on special offer!

Water buffalo horn top reminiscent of catapult shape. Fine sanded finish, "prongs" rounded on the top, 25 - 28mm on base diameter, good volume discounts.

Want to work these into catapult handles...... - ask us for stag antler extensions and see catapult rubber in sundries section.

Now with the added choice of Bone style capped prongs for a little extra contrast in finish !

Cata. handle: £8.50 each
Cata. handle / Bone style caps: £7.95 each

Large Lyre handle

Special OfferLarge Lyre handle

Currently on special offer!

Similar to our long popular "lyre" pattern handle and also in Water buffalo horn, these pieces are a little larger and shaped and taken to a fine surfaced "pre polish" finish.

Many show strong graining with white and grey layering prominent in the side walls.

Bone style capped handles give a little extra choice, nice contrast!

For use a rifle rests, walker tops or choose.

Large Lyre: £7.95 each
Large Lyre /Bone caps : £6.95 each

Buffalo Lyre handle

Special OfferBuffalo Lyre handle

Currently on special offer!

Shaped like a "Lyre" these pieces are widely popular and sought after, making most attractive thumbstick or stalking pole tops. Many with attractive veining visible in finished surface.

Buffalo lyre: £6.75 each

Pony's Foot Handle

Special OfferPony's Foot Handle

Currently on special offer!

Old Edwardian pattern top, fashioned in black buffalo horn and with definite visible blue & grey veining. Makes a nice delicate cane or hunting crop handle.

Price: £12.95 each

Indian Rosewood Lyre tops

Special OfferIndian Rosewood Lyre tops

Currently on special offer!

Shaped like a musical lyre and fashioned from stunningly grained North Indian Rosewood. Widely popular as thumbstick or stalking pole tops.

Truly exceptional graining

Rose lyre : £6.75 each



Currently on special offer!

Ever popular as plain thumbstick or stalking pole tops.

Fashioned from Black / grey - blue Water Buffalo Horn.

Short "stubby" bases that will shank out to 25 - 28mm and now with the added choice in Bone style capped prongs being available to give you that extra diversity in finished appearance.

Churchill top plain: £6.75 each
Churchill top capped: £6.75 each

Market / Walker top / basic pattern

Special OfferMarket / Walker top / basic pattern

Currently on special offer!

In Black buffalo horn, often showing attractive white and grey veining.

Fully formed, plumb and "in line", but may be further "turned in" with the application of a little heat and clamping.
Heavier 26mm and over
Medium 23 - 26mm
Lighter weight 20 - 22mm

Market handle Heavier: £18.95 each
Market handle Medium : £17.95 each
Market handle light weight: £15.95 each

Crutch / Derby pattern handle

Special OfferCrutch  / Derby pattern handle

Currently on special offer!

Traditional supportive walking stick handles in Crutch (bottom of photo) pattern.
Finished and polished in fantastically figured North Indian Rosewood.

Crutch Rosewood: £2.95 each

Horse Shoe Handle

Special OfferHorse Shoe Handle

Currently on special offer!

Fashioned in black / blue / grey buffalo horn to pre polished smooth surface finish, nice thumstick proportions and about 25mm on base for shanking.
Just like a horse shoe inverted on top of stick, complete with dug out nail holes, raedy to shank and finish.

Price: £9.95 each



Currently on special offer!

Quality, hi - grade diecast working cleek handles. Reallistically dimensioned.
Pin to shank through predrilled pilot hole.

Alu Cleek handle: £7.95 each

Market handle Nose in

Special OfferMarket handle Nose in

Currently on special offer!

Generously proportioned nose in profile market handle in Black buffalo horn.

"Squared" out - being plumb, sound and symmetrically proportioned and ready for rounding, shanking and finishing .

Will fit to shanks to 25mm

Price: £17.95 each

Cumbrian pattern market handle

Special OfferCumbrian pattern market handle

Currently on special offer!

East Indian Water Buffalo Horn. Fine, smooth, pre polish surface finish, much loved pattern used as lighter weight / ladies sticks in shooting circles, will fit to 23mm / 24mm shank. Many will show attractive graining on final polish being achieved.

Price: £19.95 each

We DO NOT ship horn or wood to outwith the EU...specifically to the USA, Canada or Australia as there are potentially Customs issues.


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