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Aluminium Oxide roll

Aluminium Oxide roll

25mm (1 inch ) wide cloth backed "Al Ox" roll in handy 10 metre lengths.

Will rip longways into tough narrow strips for "strapping".
Various grits.,
60 (coarse)
100 (general roughing down )
180 (fine shaping )
220 (pre polish )
320 (fine pre polish )
400 (extra fine pre polish )

Al Ox 10metre roll 60 grit: £2.95 each
Al Ox 10metre roll 100 grit: £2.95 each
Al Ox 10metre roll 180 grit: £2.95 each
Al Ox 10metre roll 220 grit: £2.95 each
Al Ox 10metre roll 320 grit: £2.95 each
Al Ox 10metre roll 400 grit: £2.95 each
Al Ox 10metre roll 6 pack(all): £15.95 each

Needle Rasp set

Special OfferNeedle Rasp set

Currently on special offer!


6 piece, super sharp, varied profiles, same grade of alloy as our Dreadnought file range.

Great for creating intricate detail in horn.

Supplied "carded" and with plastic handles pre fitted

Price: £4.95 each

Cabinet rasps

Special OfferCabinet rasps

Currently on special offer!

The half round for rough preparatory work and the round for sharp and rapid removal of material in the formation of turned out noses / inside lines. 10 inch round is particularly sharp and supplied in 2nd cut format

12 inch half round: £5.00 each
10 inch half round: £2.50 each
10 inch round: £2.50 each

Engineers files

Engineers files

We stock a variety of "Bastard" cut, varied profile engineer's files. Great tools for intermediate stages of shaping and finishing horn handles. Very durable, easily cleaned out with a wire brush or hot air gun. "Stickmaker's essentials"

10" Round: £6.75 each
8" Half Round: £3.95 each
6" Round: £2.95 each

Milenicut files

Special OfferMilenicut files

Currently on special offer!

Similar to Dreadnought files but have an offset and cross notchedtooth pattern making them ideal for rapid removal of material whilst leaving an excellent smooth worked surface
Supplied with hardwood handle.

Half round 10 inch: £7.00 each
Flat 10 inch: £7.00 each
Half round 12 inch: £8.50 each
Flat 12 inch: £8.50 each

Dreadnought File

Special OfferDreadnought File

Currently on special offer!

Sometimes called "milled tooth" files. Made in specially hardened alloy steel and produced with a definite undercut to ensure that they remain "clog" free in use, these are, without doubt "the" files to work horn with.
Supplied with hardwood handles

Half round 10 inch: £7.00 each
Flat 10 inch: £7.00 each
Half round 12 inch: £8.50 each

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