Constant stock of 8 tonnes+ European, Asian and African in origin. All shapes, sizes and colours. For full stick handles, "resin heads", drinking horns, powder flasks, bangles, buttons, decorative use. Firm favourite with stickmakers owing to beautiful diffusion of colours.

Cow horn, Craft Grade

Special OfferCow horn, Craft Grade

Currently on special offer!

We source these horns in West Africa for a variety of reasons. Availability, size, versatility in application, but above all else, colour. Like all cow horns, they either have darker ( black ) or lighter ( varying shades of brown ). Whatever colour is present in the tip, it diffuses into streaked, lighter / cream and white colour as you move up the horn towards the broad, hollow end.
All horns are cored out, boil washed and hygenic - just as we receive them.
Typically they will be used for drinking horns, blowing horns, powder horns or cuttting down to yield a variety of plates / rounds / tips for use in making smaller items such as spoons, bangles, shoe horns and other items too numerous to mention.
If the colours look good "in the raw", then just wait until they are sanded and polished, when the material really comes alive with stark contrasting tones and depth of colour.
Please bear in mind that pretty much 100% of cow horns suffer from internal concentric splitting to a greater or lesser extent...a seperation of layers that is always present. This is not something that we can effectively select to avoid - it's always there, period. A little care will however get you around it and it need not necessarily be to the detriment of the worked article, especially once you have "the hang" of working with the material.
Categorised in three different length classes.,
18 - 24"
24 - 30"
30"+ ( up to 44" on occasion )
Call us to discuss individual selection tailored to your requirements or put some relevant comments in the field at the end of the ordering process please.

18 - 24inch: £4.50 each
24 - 30inch: £6.50 each
30inch and up: £8.95 each

Ox Horn Hollows

Special OfferOx Horn Hollows

Currently on special offer!

These are cut from our "Craft Grade" material and are suited to making drinking cups / similar or for cutting to yield layered, variegated strips or small blocks of material for capping or general craft and jewellery work.
Good for bangles!!! Fantastic interesting and attractive colours. 10 - 16" random cut lengths, typically 3 - 5" internal diameter on broad end and 2 - 4" internal diameter on the narrow end.
We can offer good bulk discounts from huge current stock, export orders catered to with ease subject to required Customs paperwork at destination.

Ox Horn Hollows - singles: £0.75 each

Crimpable Cow Horn

Special OfferCrimpable Cow Horn

Currently on special offer!

Select pieces of "Craft Grade" cow horns - normally very "narrow" / "thin" individual horns which have particularly thick walls, normally lighter coloured pieces ( the ones that are narrow and "crimpable" usually have the best, lighter "coloured" buffalo horn ).
These may be "crimped" using Hi Torq stainless steel jubilee clips ( often used for commercial vehicle exhaust systems ) or blocks / jigs ( like pipe crimping equipment ) designed for this type of job.
Cow horn is surprisingly soft and pliable when carefully heated ( hot air gun best ).

Only the most select of material offered for sale as this quality.

Price: £8.50 each

Cow Horn Tips

Special OfferCow Horn Tips

Currently on special offer!

Well coloured, thick walled, substantial tips cut from bulk stock of "Craft Grade" horns. Broadly categorised as "dark" ( black and dark brown finish) and lighter ( light brown, cream and olive tones ). The tip colour will diffuse back into lighter cream and white colours as you move towards the broad end of the piece. Generously cut - usually 8" - 10" in length.
Note: ALL cow horns suffer from splits. Should minor splitting be evident in these horns, ,then for stickmaking, it is assumed that they will be shanked on the nose end and "capped off" or "domed" ( with resin ).
That said, no cracking present will be to the potential detriment of the finished piece.

Cow horn tips DARK: £3.50 each
Cow horn tips LIGHT: £3.50 each

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