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Buffalo Horn pre fashioned nocks

Buffalo Horn pre fashioned nocks

Evenly prepared, sanded finished in Water Buffalo horn. Conically drilled at 11 degrees. No string groove - cut your own to suit required angle. Generally 1/2" across the open end.
Large stock. Sold in pairs!!!!! Excellent trade volume discounts!!!

Buffalo Horn nocks / pre-prep: £8.95 each

Buffalo horn points

Buffalo horn points

Where you require nock "blanks" with good, even, conical shape - one piece to each nock, then these are probably your best option. We often get orders for smaller numbers of nock blanks, so now sold in these smaller paired lots to accomodate.
If you are manufacturing bows and need greater volume of material we suggest you acquire Craft Grade Buffalo horn tips ( listed below ). Otherwise call us and discuss - Thanks.

Nock tips - 2: £7.95 each
Nock tips - 4: £13.95 each
Nock tips - 6: £18.95 each
Nock tips - 10: £29.95 each
Nock tips - 20: £54.95 each

Craft Grade Buffalo horn tips

Solid Water Buffalo tips - you may "chop" these into lengths suited to the subsequent fashioning of nocks. Cross sectionally, we shall ensure that they have adequate thickness for the job
Average horn weight will be 600 - 800g and be 13 - 20" plus in length.

Craft Buffalo tips 5kgs: £41.25 each
Craft Buffalo tips 10kgs: £70.00 each
Craft Buffalo tips 15kgs: £103.95 each
Craft buffalo tips 20kgs: £130.00 each
Craft buffalo tips 25kgs: £150.00 each
Craft buffalo tips 50kgs: £275.00 each

Buffalo Horns ( full )

Buffalo Horns ( full )


Buffalo Horn slices 75x25mm/ kg

Buffalo Horn slices 75x25mm/ kg

Useful, nominally thicknessed material ideal for arrow nocks. Both are saw cut, so a little sanding will thin them down pretty quickly.

Two separate thicknesses available to accommodate the range of requests that we get.

Up to 180pcs / kg ( fewer if thicker 2 - 4mm bits requested ), saves a lot of tricky cutting and leaves your fingers intact!!!

Significant stock of both thicknesses - archery trade enquiries welcome.

2 - 4mm slices per kg ( approx 160 bits ) : £14.95 each
2mm slices per kg ( approx 180 bits ) : £21.95 each
2- 4mm pieces 250g: £4.25 each
2 - 4mm pieces 500g: £7.95 each
2mm pieces 250g: £6.95 each
2mm pieces 500g: £12.95 each

Buffalo horn dowels

Buffalo horn dowels

Produced from solid black Water Buffalo horn, handy dowels in a range of diameters, with a range of applications. From 10mm - 40mm diameter, varying lengths. Good bulk discounts.

8mm x 100mm: £1.50 each
10mm x 100mm: £1.50 each
12mm x 100mm: £1.50 each
14mm x 100mm: £1.65 each
16mm x 100mm : £1.95 each
18mm x 100mm: £1.95 each
20mm x 150mm : £3.95 each
25mm x 115mm: £3.95 each
28 x 80mm: £3.95 each
36/38mm x 80mm: £4.95 each
36 - 40 x 50mm : £3.95 each

White Buffalo / Ox horn points for nocks

White Buffalo / Ox horn points for nocks

Stark, vibrant colours in these scarce horn points. May be used as nocks that have an appearance dramatically different from the standard black buffalo horn most commonly used.

2.5" - 3" pieces typically light coloured centres diffusing out into straw / greeny outer graining.

Many of these pieces have unique red/brown and blue tones in them. Stunning when polished

Price: £3.95 each


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